Monthly archive for April 2017

Learning Salat

At this point, here’s what I knew (or what I thought I knew) about prayer in Islam. One must face east. There are parts done standing, bowing, kneeling, and other parts done with your face on the floor. Prayer is done multiple times a day, at specific times. Not much to go on, but what did I expect? I hadn’t paid any attention to it until just recently…

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Making It Official

The Internet is a modern marvel. It is also a haven for great misinformation. I knew this about the Internet long before I began searching for information on how to “officially” become a Muslim, but I was afraid I would look silly if I asked one of the two Muslims I knew – my wife and her mother. Then an interesting opportunity arose…

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Going Back Alone

That first trip to the masjid with my friend really stuck with me afterward. I still didn’t quite know what to make of the experience, I just knew that I felt welcome. Not just welcome from the people, but this inexplicable sense of welcome from the One they were worshiping. I wasn’t a stranger to prayer in general. Raised as a Christian (Protestant), I’d done my share of praying…

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